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Bug#129104: bug 129104 (buffer overflow + template reading in cgiemail)

On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 02:27:51AM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> Hi,
> Any progress with this cgiemail bug? If you've got the debconf stuff
> written, I could test it if that would help ...
I worked on it significantly today, and will finish it tomorrow.  This
is my spring break, so I finally have some time.  I'm getting kind of
hung up on how to preserve user modifications to the configuration file
yet still have dpkg-reconfigure do anything.

The problem:  i am wondering, in the postinst, how to handle the
following cases (or if i should handle them):
- already configured, don't reconfigure (normal)
- already configured, reconfigure (that is, change the config file)
  (e.g. user runs dpkg-reconfigure)
- already configured, then changed manually, don't reconfigure (e.g.
  user changes config and then upgrades package)
- already configured, then changed manually, reconfigure (e.g. user
  somehow manages to break configuration and runs dpkg-reconfigure or
  dpkg --configure (would the latter one ever happen?)).

the last three are the problem.  i will sleep on it and try to figure it
out, but if you know the Right Way then point me at it if you would.  I
will start working on it again probably late tomorrow afternoon.

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