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Bug#124358: mpg321: noises in mp3 files

On Fri, 2001-12-21 at 21:38, Zygo Blaxell wrote:
> There is something fishy going on...mpg123 is actually mpg123-oss, and
> 'mpg123' was handled by the /etc/alternatives system.  The bug report
> probably applies only to one of mpg321 or mpg123.  Unfortunately, I
> can no longer reproduce this bug with any combination of packages or
> sound hardware.  Yay, it's fixed already!  :-)

:) If you had mpg321 installed, mpg123 and mpg321 were the same binary,
and the only way to run mpg123 was to run mpg123-oss. If you modified
the alternatives, then it's possible to have mpg123 be invoked with the
mpg123 symlink. But, by default, mpg123 == mpg321.
> The audio defect is quite distinct--it sounds like mp3 files that have
> been corrupted by single-bit errors (e.g. after being stored on a Windoze
> box), as opposed to overlapping DMA buffers, bad sound driver timing, or
> the like (all of which I've heard very often with various sound drivers
> on the dozens of machines I've used over the years).  I'm currently using
> the intel8x0 audio driver from ALSA 0.5 with kernel 2.4.1{0-ac10,9-ac10,6}.

Hm. By any chance, are you using stdin piping or network streams? I've
very recently (as in: in the last couple of hours) fixed a problem which
would cause these type of seams. It was significantly more than a
single-bit error, though, but it would happen every 4096 bytes (since
that's the size of the buffer I was using).

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