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Bug#125578: zed: Spelling error in description

Package: zed
Severity: minor

This is an automated bug report.

I have recently conducted a mass spelling check of Debian package
descriptions.  In the process, some other errors were also detected,
such as capitalization, word wrap, and indentation problems.

Some notable guidelines that I used in the check include:

- Capitalization

  The names of languages (English, French, etc.) are capitalized in
  English.  Acronyms should be in all capital letters.

- Abbreviation

  In general, words should not be abbreviated as part of the
  description.  Exceptions include standard abbreviations like "etc.".
  This is especially important for proper keyword searches.

- Word joining

  For various reasons, technical terms tend to be artificially joined
  to form new words, like "bugreport".  While this may be acceptable
  in an informal context, such words should be written separately in
  package descriptions, for clarity and to aid in searching.

In some cases where there the spelling check uncovered other errors, I
have made other edits in the diff for purposes of grammar and clarity.

There appear to be one or more errors in the description for this
package.  A unified diff follows at the end of this message.  You
should be able to apply it to your source tree by piping this message
directly into a command line like:

        patch /home/me/somewhere/mypackage/debian/control

There is a chance that this may not work if your control has been
modified from the version of your source package in the Debian
archive.  If so, you will have to apply the diff by hand.  When doing
so, please take note if there are multiple corrections on the same
line of the diff.

If you believe this correction to be in error, please contact me
before closing this bug so that we can come to an understanding, and
so that provisions can be made for future spelling checks.

If you are not a native English speaker and would like assistance
improving your description, contact

--- orig/zed	Mon Dec 17 15:52:28 2001
+++ corrected/zed	Mon Dec 17 15:59:05 2001
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 Description: Powerful, multipurpose, configurable text editor
  This package contains a console and an X version.
-  - Can use ANY keysequence (e.g. define a block with shift-arrow) even
+  - Can use ANY key sequence (e.g. define a block with shift-arrow) even
     on the console.
   - Intelligent screen update (NOT using the slow (n)curses).
   - Column blocks with insert & overwrite.
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
   - Saveable run-time macros.
   - Simple and powerful configuration system.
   - Easy document mode, almost ASCII.
-  - Automatic wordwrap and reformat, even inside quoted line within an
+  - Automatic word wrap and reformat, even inside quoted line within an
     e-mail file.
   - Small, fast, powerful, low CPU consumer.
   - Hexdump-like mode to edit binary file.

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