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Re: RFS: colorzero/2.0-1 [ITP] -- Construct, convert, and manipulate colors in a Pythonic manner.

On 6/19/21 2:03 PM, Peter Green wrote:
> Just done some reviewing/tweaking. I've pushed the following changes to
> the git repo, please
> tell me if you have any objections.
> I added a gpb.conf to make git-buildpackage actually use pristine tar
> and hence result in an orig
> tarball that was consistent with what is already in Ubuntu.
> I found the clean target was not cleaning up the "egg-info" so I added a
> command to do that.

I used to do that, but a few years ago, I switched to (and generalize in
all of my packages) using this:

$ cat debian/source/options
extend-diff-ignore = "^[^/]*[.]egg-info/"

That's a way more simple, as sometimes, upstream ships an egg-info and
building *modifies* it (and then, nightmare starts...).

Just my 2 cents of experience... :)

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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