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Re: [Python-modules-team] Bug#954381: marked as done (python3-kubernetes: New upstream version available)

On 11/21/20 3:36 AM, Sandro Tosi wrote:
>>    * Use git to generate upstream tarball, as the PyPi module doesn't include
>>      the test folder. Using the gen-orig-xz in debian/rules, as using the
>>      repack function of debian/watch doesn't make sense (why downloading a
>>      tarball that would be later on discarded? I'm open to a better solution
>>      which would be uscan compatible though...). Switch d/watch to the github
>>      tag therefore.
> you can track the github project instead of pypi (man uscan has the
> details); this is was i'm doing recently, as most of the time PyPI
> releases dont have all the files we need (tests, or test data, or
> documentation, or a combination of that)


Thanks, I know that. However, that's not my problem. The issue is that
uscan --download will download the tarball from github, and I'd like to
replace that by what I'm doing in debian/rules, which is using git and
git submodule, to fetch things using git, and create a tarball. Sure, I
could use a repack script in debian/watch, but then uscan will continue
to first download the archive from github, and *then* only, I can
discard what's been downloaded, and fetch stuff from github with git.

Is there a solution here, so that uscan uses a repack script directly
without attempting to download first?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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