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Re: "pytest" command is missing


Antonio Terceiro píše v St 04. 11. 2020 v 14:01 -0300:
Could you ellaborate? Maybe we should have a discussion in the Python
team so that we implement consistent practices. For example, `gunicorn`
and `pip` now point to their python3 versions, but you are saying that
pytest will not do that, what maybe creates more confusion given Debian
bullseye will not support any other Python.

"pytest" in buster now points to python2 version of pytest and "pytest-3" points to python3 version. To prevent confusion after upgrade I want to keep one stable release with pytest cmd "unoccupied" and keep pytest-3.

Bullseye will support Python2 interpreter so user can keep python-pytest package installed from buster.

Best regards
 Ondřej Nový

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