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Python2 packages for bullseye

The removal of packages still depending on Python2 looks good [1], however we
have a bunch of packages that still require Python2, and where maintainers
explicitly asked to keep those in the distro [2].  Among those are pypy and
pypy3 which need Python2 for bootstrapping.  I'm going to keep the Python2
packages for bullseye, and having those just as build dependencies shouldn't
really effect any end-user.  A different thing might be the Python2 usage at
runtime, however I'm not very passionate to remove all of those packages.

What still should be done for bullseye is the removal of the unversioned python.
I'm removing the packages python-minimal, python, python-dev, python-dbg,
python-doc, and stop shipping the /usr/bin/python symlink, so that packages are
required to either use python2 or python3 explicitly.  Planning that change for
late August / early September.  That should give plenty of time to address any
unversioned python usage before the release freeze.



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