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Re: Anyway to omit some tests within unittest framework?

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 09:05:23PM +0800, zhao feng wrote:
> Recently I want to make a debian package of a scientific computing
> library. I try to use
> pybuild in my debian/rules. I found some tests failed because the test
> code downloads some data from the internet when the test code is
> running for the first time. I want to omit these tests. However, the
> test uses Python built-in unittests I do not find any switch to omit a
> small number of tests (it seems only supporting selecting which tests
> to include). The document in pybuild mentions that it is possible for
> `pytest` framework
> (https://wiki.debian.org/Python/Pybuild#debian.2Fcontrol).
> Since pybuild wraps the command line switch of these frameworks. I
> think it is hard to find solution on pybuild level if unittests do not
> support it. As far as I can figure out, I can inject some decorator to
> the test code to omit these test functions, I do not know whether it
> is acceptable to make such "patch" in debian. I wonder if there were
> any way to deal with this kind of problems.
> Some additional informations:
> https://salsa.debian.org/zhaofeng-shu33-guest/ete is the source code
> repo.

It is possible to explicitly tell pybuild to use pytest for testing; see
the PYBUILD_TEST_PYTEST variable that I use e.g. in
https://sources.debian.org/src/confget/2.3.4-1/debian/rules/#L33 and
the following couple of lines. I expect that in this case you'd want to
set the PYBUILD_TEST_ARGS variable to the arguments that pytest will be
invoked with, e.g. -k 'not something' to exclude certain tests and maybe
the path to the unit tests directory and, if really necessary,

I'm sorry, I cannot do any actual tests with your package right now.
If you run into problems, I could fetch it from your Git repository and
try a couple of things, but it will have to wait a day or two.

Hope that helps!


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