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Re: 2Removal: handling circular dependencies

Simon McVittie wrote:
You've listed dbus-python as being part of this cycle, but [it probably shouldn't be]
Perhaps some of the blocks have been added the wrong way round?

Or perhaps the script is imperfectly guessing which binaries are Python 2? e.g. matplotlib is listed even though it's already a Python 3 only package.

I wonder whether parts of the 159-package cycle are actually smaller
cycles with non-trivial intersection

Very likely: by "tangle" I meant https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strongly_connected_component

i.e. not a single cycle, but you still can't remove any subset of them (other than all or none) without breaking at least some of the remaining ones.

(Assuming we're still using "broken Suggests are not
allowed": this has previously been discussed, I forget where.)

I think that's much too strong

If the question is still open for discussion, I'd also prefer letting Suggests be temporarily broken over making extra uploads to remove them. (I haven't checked how much this would break up the 159-tangle.)

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