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Merging the PAPT and the DPMT

On 19-09-16 08 h 00, Ondrej Novy wrote:
> Hi,
> po 16. 9. 2019 v 9:55 odesílatel Mattia Rizzolo <mattia@debian.org> napsal:
>> I wonder, I think the historical reasons for papt and dpmt to be separated
>> don't quite stand anymore.  Perhaps the only difference left is the actual
>> technical difference between an application and a module as described in
>> the python policy (rather in the team one).
> I don't know historical reason but I agree we could/should merge DPMT and
> PAPT policies together.

For those interested in having a look at it, I created a MR on Salsa [1]
to try to merge the two policies into one.


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