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Re: Sphinx 1.3 in Debian experimental

Dnia 2015-05-03, nie o godzinie 15:18 +0300, Dmitry Shachnev pisze:
> Hi all,
> I have finally managed to finalize Sphinx 1.3 upload for 
> experimental.
> There are many new features and some incompatible changes, please see 
> the
> changelog [1] for the full list of changes.
> If your package has Sphinx documentation, please test it with the new
> version and make sure it builds and works fine. I am going to do a 
> mass
> rebuild at some point and file bugs for packages that FTBFS.

Thanks for that update.

I've tested PyOpenCL and PyCUDA with 1.3.1-1.
Documentation got built without problems. There are small changes
with style and generated HTML (e.g. different classes of elements,
usage of <code> and not <tt>, etc.)

But there is something strange with the footer of page.
My packages have set html_last_updated_fmt (for reproducibility),
but generated documentation does not have "Last updated on ..."
in it when built using Sphinx 1.3.

According to Sphinx documentation
when "html_last_updated_fmt" is set, "Last updated on ..." should
be added to the bottom. Is this omission on purpose, or does it
suggest some problem with my packages?

Best regards.

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