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Re: Packaging of suds-jurko

  Hi Mathias.

On 1.7.2014. 13:10, Mathias Behrle wrote:
The first tests on suds-jurko are looking very promising. I built the
package succesfully as a drop-in replacement for the current python-suds
package. It builds correctly for python2 and python3 with all tests. I tested
part of the functionality for python2, all was working well. The maintainer of
suds-jurko is very active and responsive.

Just wondering whether you used your own suds tests that you have laying around somewhere for debian, or if you simply ran the project's own test suite?

The original project did not have a test suite at all and the one in my fork is growing and is being worked on but every time I touch suds I find more things that are missing, and my gut tells me that the tests are far from complete. :-)

Well, to be perfectly honest, the original project did have a manual test suite, but it depended on lots of now defunct external web services or web services available only to the original developer. The does not depend on any external services, and I'm trying real hard to keep it that way. :-)

  Best regards,
    Jurko Gospodnetić

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