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Re: PEP 394 and shebang lines for /usr/bin/python2 scripts

Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org> wrote:
>* Barry Warsaw <barry@debian.org>, 2013-07-24, 12:38:
>>In any case, it's come up that PEP 394 recommends distros start 
>>adopting shebang lines that state /usr/bin/python2 in their scripts, 
>>and I don't think we do this yet.  We should!
>We absolutely should not.

Definitely not.  The entire notion that /usr/bin/python should point at python3 anytime soon is nuts.  Do it when python2.7 is removed from the archive, not before. If you aren't going to do that switch, /usr/bin/python2 is meaningless other than as a workaround for people who care about Arch.  Since upstream now ships /usr/bin/python2 we should too (and we do for Jessie), but there's no good reason for us to be using it.

Scott K

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