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Re: New python-qt4 upload to experimental

On Sunday, January 29, 2012 12:28:22 AM Scott Kitterman wrote:
> I just uploaded a new python-qt4 revision to experimental (it's arrival will
> be delayed since it has to go through new.
> It is experimental for at least three reasons:
> 1.  It is changed to build with a multiarched Qt as qt4-x11 4.8 in
> experimental is.
> 2.  It builds a new python3-pyqt4-dbus (and dbg) package that needs python3-
> dbus which is only available in experimental at the moment.
> 3.  Because (I believe) it was built against a different Qt version, there
> is a binary incompatible change in it that I know affects python-kde4 and
> may affect other packages.
> My prime suspects for other packages that might be affected are python-
> qscintilla2, python-qwt5-qt4, python-qwt3d-qt4.
> For python-kde4, python -c "import PyKDE4.kdecore" is enough to crash the
> interpreter if the package isn't rebuilt (rebuilding solves it).
> I've written upstream and the only feedback I've gotten back was a reminder
> that ABI on PyQt4 isn't guaranteed.
> I would appreciate it if maintainers for these other packages could take a
> look at what's in experimental and see if their packages are affected.
> I would also appreciate advice on managing this apparent ABI break.

This package, with the changes suggested on debian-python is in Experimental 
now, so please test and provide feedback.

Scott K

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