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python-support deprecated

Long time ago, far far away (over Atlantic Ocean), lord Matthias and lord
Josselin decided to fight a dragon that was eating virgin packages every time
new Python version was born in Debian kingdom. They created two different
machineries to fight the dragon and after a while the dragon ran away.
All lived happily ever after... except they didn't! These machineries scared
some people even more than the dragon and were dangerous sometimes as well.
The kingdom divided into two camps and when everyone almost lost hope that the
kingdom will be united again, Python kingdom's friendly governor king
created Jaskółka sword (AKA PEP3147) and at the same time a peasant created yet
another two headed machinery to make sure dragon will not come back (with
Jaskółka on board). Even royal council was involved (in a topic related to
dragon) but it couldn't take a decision for a very long time and thus Prince of
Darkness^WDebian (AKA "barefoot prince") convinced both lords to use this new

Will they live happily now? dh_pysupport is hereby deprecated. I uploaded
1.0.14 to unstable which is raising a deprecation warning and points to
migration guide¹. Please switch to dh_python2 while preparing new upstream
release (don't worry about next python-all transition - I will NMU all
arch:all packages that will need an upload, send me a mail if you prefer to do
it yourself). I will file (whishlist) deprecation bugs (against all packages
that build depend on python-support) *after* Python 2.6 removal from list of
supported Python versions in unstable.

[¹] http://deb.li/dhs2p
Piotr Ożarowski                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer
www.ozarowski.pl          www.griffith.cc           www.debian.org
GPG Fingerprint: 1D2F A898 58DA AF62 1786 2DF7 AEF6 F1A2 A745 7645

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