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Re: Switching to git

Vincent Bernat wrote:

> Hi!
> There  was some discussions  about switching  from SVN  to git.  I don't
> remember everything but  a major blocker was that it  is not possible to
> checkout a subtree with git and  managing a lot of git repositories will
> make it difficult to do global changes to the "global" repository.
> There is currently a discussion in debian-devel about how to switch from
> SVN to git and they seem to use "mr".

For what is worth, I am in favor of switching to git, as I am already using 
git-svn locally, with regular dcommit's.

What was done in the pkg-kde team was (AFAIK) a progressive migration in the 
"who wants to migrate his package can do so" style, with a documented 
process (namespaces, content of the leftover README in the svn, …). And it 
worked pretty well. With enough mind's flexibility, it's totally workeable.

(But in the end I don't really care what the VCS is [as long as there's a 
git-$foo tool available :-p ]).



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