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Python 2.7 in, Python 2.5 out, dh_python2


We plan to upload new python-defaults to unstable really soon now
(once python2.7 will be available for all architectures in unstable).

Instead of Python 2.5, it will list Python 2.7 as supported
(default=2.6; supported=2.6,2.7).

Once Python 2.7 will be well supported¹ in the archive, Python 2.6 will
be dropped as well so that Wheezy will support only one Python 2.X version
(the last one ever released upstream).

No, that's not meant to make security team's life easier, it's a tricky
way to force the usage of my dh_python2 helper and get rid of
python-{central,support} ;-)

python-stdeb (and py2dsc script) already generates packages that use
dh_python2; dh_python2(1) manpage will² have quick guide for maintainers
(based on the one from python-support) after next upload. There's also a
wiki page³ about converting python-support based package to dh_python2.

Note to my sponsorees:
Yet another helper transition is approaching (after the central→support
one): all NEW packages have to use dh_python2 now. Sorry about that,
feel free to find new sponsor if you don't like this decision. I will
sponsor python-support based packages until Python 2.6 is in the list of
supported Python versions. I will not sponsor central→support uploads
anymore, though. Please convert all python-central based packages to
dh_python2 (it's a matter of removing python-central build dependency
and replacing dh_pycentral with dh_python2 or "--with pycentral" with
"--with python2" or dropping DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM from debian/rules in most

[¹] some bugs are already reported: http://deb.li/py27
[²] most recent version: http://deb.li/dhp2
[³] http://wiki.debian.org/Python/support2dhp2
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