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Wheezy plans

FYI: [I already mentioned that on #debian-python and in other places,
but it deserves a mail to debian-python as well]

I think that we should support Python 2.7 and Python 3.2 only in Wheezy.

Python 2.7 is the last version from 2.X series and Python 2.8 will never
be released upstream. Python 3.X is the future, but it's too soon to
drop 2.X in Wheezy, maybe in Wheezy+1...

Python 3.2 (alpha) is already added to the list of supported Python 3.X
versions in python3-defaults from experimental and python3.1 shipped
in Squeeze is modified to use the same path python3.2 will use
(/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages) - this will make 3.1 → 3.2 transition
an easy task (all python3-* packages in Squeeze are already updated /
rebuild with new dh_python3).

There's only one helper tool that supports Python 3 right now
(dh_python3) and since it (in contrast to dh_python2) doesn't need new
uploads for arch:all packages when new Python version is added to the
list of supported ones (see PEP3147 and PEP3149 for details), 
there (probably) will not be many complains about it (please report
bugs if you see problems with dh_python3).

I plan to upload python-defaults with 2.7 in a list of supported Python
versions and 2.5 removed from that list a week or two after Squeeze
release (I will file bugs against packages that have to be changed
sooner, but since not everyone wants to upload to unstable during the
freeze, I will not upload python-defaults the day Squeeze is released).

I want the next transition to have two goals: drop Python 2.6 from a
list of supported Python versions and... drop python-central and
python-support. Yep, once Python 2.7 will be the only (and last!) Python
2.X version supported in Debian, I want to go back to the roots and use
/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages in every package (see my dh_python2
mails for advantages).

Transition from python-central to dh_python2 (which doesn't create
symlinks at install time, like pycentral and pysupport do) will be easy;
converting from python-support will be more tricky (f.e. due to
namespace feature), I will provide dh_pysupport wrapper if my proposal
will be accepted (it's obviously a sensitive topic, so I'm raising it
now and not after releasing Squeeze).
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