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Re: Numpy API change?

* Antoine Sirinelli <antoine@monte-stello.com>, 2010-07-19, 21:27:
It seems that since the last numpy upload, pytables is no longer working. I
have filled a bug report
(http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=589669) but my question is
more general. It seems that pytables is broken because of a change in numpy
API. Is there a way to avoid that using good dependences in the different deb

I may be completely wrong about the origin of this bug. Sorry if it is the

Size of numpy.dtype has grown in Numpy 1.4 (some new fields has been appended to the end of the structure). This itself does not constitute an ABI breakage; however, some Python extensions[1] are checking if size of imported types is exactly the same as it were at build time. Therefore, they won't work if built with Numpy 1.3 and run with Numpy 1.4 (or the other way round).

Some other extensions[2] are more lax when it comes to comparing type sizes, and they crash only if the size shrank since build time.

[1] At least these:
- python-tables
- mayavi2
Rebuilding their Pyrex/Cython sources with recent Cython should move them into the second group.

[2] At least these:
- python-nipy-lib
- python-petsc4py - python-scikits-learn-lib
- python-scipy

Jakub Wilk

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