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Re: DPMT and PAPT request

On 05/28/2010 09:10 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I realize that I've never formally requested addition to DPMT and PAPT.  Since
> I maintain both upstream Python applications and modules, and since I'm on the
> core Python development team, I would like to request admission to both Debian
> teams.  I'll start off by maintaining the various packages that I author,
> independently, as spin-offs from the GNU Mailman project, and various others
> that I use and hack on.  Of course, I'm also very interested in helping to
> maintain Python itself.

Welcome to the teams, glad to have you on board!

> For reasons I'm not quite sure of, my Alioth user id is warsaw-guest.  I've
> requested membership through the respective groups on Alioth.

That will be fixed as soon as you are a Debian Developer. You should make sure
you become one quickly! :)
The reason behind the -guest is that the accounts from the debian ldap are
synchronized with alioth, so it is necessary to have a way to distinguish
between DDs and non-DDs, especially to ensure that an account is not used on
alioth already when a new DD requests to have the name.

Hope that explains it :)



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