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Re: Python versions for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)

"Barry Warsaw" <barry@python.org> wrote:

>So, on to Python...
>I've started a wiki page which I'll use to collate all the work on Python
>versions for Ubuntu 10.10:
>In summary, we would really like Maverick to ship Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2
>(beta) with Python 2.7 as the default.  Because 3.2 will not be released
>upstream by then, we'll get pre-approval for SRUs to get us to Python 3.2
>final when available.  I think that because there are few libraries and
>applications that require Python 3, we can be relatively safe with that part
>of the decision.
>In order to switch to Python 2.7, we need to do some work first.  We need to
>know how compatible the packages in main and universe are with Python 2.7.  So
>to that end we're going to do several tests, gather data, and make a final
>decision based on that data.  We came up with a requirement of 100% build and
>import success on Python 2.7 before Maverick feature freeze on August 12,
>2010.  We're going to start with a PPA on Launchpad to build up the Python 2.7
>stack so that everyone can join in with testing and fixing build and import
>problems.  We're also going to investigate ubuntuwire.com to help us out with
>this if Launchpad's build system isn't up to the task.  I think we identified
>about 1200 packages that need to be rebuilt and Michael Vogt has a system for
>testing the importability of newly built packages.  My plan is to automate as
>much of the work as possible so that we can re-use what we've built for future
>Python transition, and I hope that you'll help me ensure that this work is
>relevant and beneficial to Debian.
>The key thing to remember is that even if we cannot make it to Python 2.7 for
>Ubuntu 10.10, none of this work is wasted.  We know that we'll all be on
>Python 2.7 sooner or later, so at the very least this will get us closer for
>Maverick+1, and lays the groundwork for squeeze+1.

As is usual for discussions involving more than one person, we didn't all leave the room with quite the same understanding. I think 2.7 as default is a stretch goal at most. We want 2.7 as a supported version,  but I didn't sense a lot of appetite for pushing hard for 2.7 as default. 

We did make the assumption that by the time 2.7 is released Debian will be in freeze. 

Another important point that I think deserves more emphasis is that we agreed that the testing done in Ubuntu for 2.7, will also be done against the Debian archive as well. There was a strong consensus in the group that Ubuntu should take great care to avoid doing anything that would accrue a technical debt that has to be paid in Debian (I found this a notable change from similar discussions in previous release cycles).

Scott K

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