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Re: Bits from dh_python2 author ;-)

[Jakub Wilk, 2010-05-16]
> * Piotr Ożarowski <piotr@debian.org>, 2010-05-16, 14:21:
> >I also plan to rename dh_python2 to dh_python before package will
> >be uploaded to unstable (and ask debhelper maintainers to remove
> >theirs or rewrite mine in Perl and move it to debhelper package).
> Do you have a plan how to deal with packages which still use the old
> dh_python?

dh_python will do nothing if debian/pycompat is available (already in my
branch), version range regexpr allows one version only so -V is covered
as well, --noscript will be easy to add, non standard private dir
location support is already there, I just need to allow more than one
dir in one dh_python call (scan() needs just few small changes).

I will have to check which DebHelper's options (the ones dh_python
inherits from DebHelper) are actually used with old dh_python and I will
rebuild all packages that still use old dh_python to check what I've
missed (I plan to rebuild all packages with dh_pycentral/dh_pysupport
pointing to dh_python2 as well, BTW)
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