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Re: PEP 345 - request for comments

Le mercredi 18 novembre 2009 à 10:02 +0100, Wolodja Wentland a écrit : 
> PEP 345 [1] describes version 1.2 of the PKG-INFO file that will be
> shipped with Python distributions in the future.

> Requires-External: C
> Requires-External: libpng (>=1.5)

> Would Debian maintainers use this field to extract dependencies of a
> Python package that have to be handled by the system's package manager?

No, it is clearly not possible to automate such a thing.

You should use pkg-config, possibly extending it with Python fields,
instead of reinventing the wheel.

> Does the proposed format match your requirements? Are there any changes
> your would like to see incorporated, so that this field eases your
> packaging work?

If upstream maintainers update this field correctly, it would ease
packaging work, but not automate it. With the proposal as is, it is
strictly similar to making mandatory the documentation of dependencies.

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