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Re: Joining the team and RFS python-avc

Le lundi 05 novembre 2007 à 23:57 +0100, Piotr Ożarowski a écrit :
> > > * remove "Provides: ${python:Provides}" - architecture independent
>                                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > > packages don't need it
> > 
> > Of course they do. What if a package Depends: python2.5, python2.5-avc?
> Depends: python2.5, python-avc (>=new_policy_version)

Sorry, but that dependency is incorrect. What if a later python-avc
version starts requiring python >= 2.6 ?

> Joss, python2.5-avc is not in new policy spirit. 

There is no "spirit" in the policy. There are only ways to obtain
correct dependencies and working packages.

Anyway, my initial reply was wrong: packages don't *need* to provide
${python:Provides}. This field should only be added if some
reverse-dependencies are requiring it (the reason being, without
automatic addition of python2.X-bar dependencies for all
modules/extensions you depend on, these provides are incorrect). 

> Please note that I'm talking about architecture *independent* packages.
> Architecture dependent package *have to* provide pythonX.Y-module.

There shouldn't be any difference between both when it comes to
dependencies. Generally, architecture: all packages won't need them, but
this is not because of their architecture-independence.

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