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Re: maintainer field

> This is certainly my preference. It's much clearer if there is *one*
> person named as the responsible party for the packages.
> It's a fact of human psychology that if a collective group is named as
> the responsible party, then nobody in that group feels particularly
> responsible. This is one reason why groups nominate a leader: it gives
> that person a stake in seeing the group's efforts succeed.

That's right, on the other hand I think philoshophy here at DPMT is
that if the maintainer is set to DPMT, anyone can make any change and
upload. If I am set as the maintainer, I should approve all the
changes - but that can be slow (I can be out of town, I can be busy,

So I myself chose to be among Uploaders and set Maintainer to DPMT,
because this more enforces team work and I like team work.


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