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installation directories for python-{central,support}

Currently both tools install into a directory

  <prefix>/<package name>

leading to situations like

  package foo: <prefix>/python-foo/same_file.py
  package bar: <prefix>/python-bar/same_file.py

Currently python-support does overwrite these (#373753),
python-central had a bug as well not byte-compiling these.
The intention for python-central to install these into a separate
subdirectory was to install more than one version of module foo in
<prefix> (foo-1 working with python2.1, 2.2, foo-2 working with
python2.3, 2.4).  I'm not sure how common this situation is, but as an
alternative solution these modules can be directly installed into
/usr/lib/pythonX.Y.  OTOH packaging and archive tools cannot detect
the file conflicts anymore and become somewhat useless.  I'm proposing
to drop the extra <package name> in the installation scripts and maybe
use a common prefix for both python-{central,support}.  For some time
the tools had to support both (the old and the new) installation
directories.  We should not do that right now, but try not to reference
the support/central dir in the packaging, so that the packaging
doesn't need to be changed later.



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