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python-support update

After a long delay, I have finally uploaded a new version of
python-support. It addresses a few concerns from the release team:

      * There is no more database, it is now entirely stateless.
        Packages to be installed for several versions are now meant to
        be installed in /usr/share/python-support/$package/. Packages
        needing byte-compilation of their private modules have to list
        the directories of these modules
        in /usr/share/python-support/$package.list. For the latter case,
        backwards compatibility is provided if the file doesn't exist.

      * It is now possible to list the python versions supported by a
        module. To do that, create
        a /usr/share/python-support/$package/.version file, containing
        something like "2.3-" for a minimum version, "2.3,2.4" for a
        fixed version list, or "2.3-2.5" for a version range.

With these changes, I will try to provide the necessary patches to the
python policy and to debhelper soon.
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