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joining the team & sponsorship request

Hello.  I'm a non-DD who would like to join the Python modules packaging
team, mainly to get my own Python package, Selecting, into Debian, but
possibly also to help out here and there.  My alioth login is

The package, which I would probably need a sponsor for, is called

Description: A high-level wrapper on the system call select()
 Selecting provides a high-level framework around the system call
 select() for Python.  Selecting is a pure Python package.  This library
 provides functionality similar to the asyncore and asynchat core Python
 packages, but with cleaner API and broader functionality.

The package is available at:


personal contact:	panu.kalliokoski@helsinki.fi, +35841 5323835
technical contact:	atehwa@iki.fi, http://www.iki.fi/atehwa/
PGP fingerprint:	0EA5 9D33 6590 FFD4 921C  5A5F BE85 08F1 3169 70EC

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