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Re: Python 2.1/2.2 removal; Python 2.4 as default

> decompyle2.2 has an unsatisfied build-dependency: python2.2-dev

This is a legacy package, and it requires python 2.2 (it will not work
with 2.3 or newer).  I have just filed an ftp.d.o bug asking for it to
be removed.  Users should have no problem switching to the newer decompyle
package instead.

> jython has an unsatisfied build-dependency: python2.1

I orphaned this a couple of months ago.  It requires python2.1 at
runtime because it is actually an implementation of python2.1.  The
simplest fix is probably to copy across the pure python modules from
cpython2.1 and add them to the jython2.1 package in /usr/share/jython/Lib/,
at which point the python2.1 dependency should be able to be removed.

However, the jython packages are not ageing gracefully.  Unless someone
has time to spend actively looking after this (see my WNPP bug for what
is required), I'd (regretfully) suggest its removal also.


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