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How to package a single Python file?

I am both the upstream developer and Debian packager of Lodju, a digital
photo organizer. The version of the package that is now in Debian is
written in C, but I am rewriting it in Python.

Lodju needs to read the EXIF headers in image files. These are headers
that a digital camera adds to a JPEG and contain information about, say,
when the photograph was taken, and details about the exposure. I use
Gene Cash's EXIF.py for reading them. It is a single pure Python module.
I'm wondering how to package it for Debian.

The easy solution is to include it in Lodju, but that mixes my code and
foreign code, and is not very elegant. It is also not good for those who
also would like to use EXIF.py in their own programs.

I could put EXIF.py in its own package, but it feels silly to make a
separate package for a single file. This is, however, what I'll be doing
unless someone suggest a better option.

Suggestions, anyone?


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