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Re: Python policy update

Le jeu 21/08/2003 à 04:24, Donovan Baarda a écrit :
> --- 1.4 Module Path, a question;
> Do we really want /usr/local/ on the python path before /usr/lib/? This
> makes us vulnerable to busted local installs of python modules, in the
> same way that "#!/usr/bin/env python" makes us vulnerable to busted
> local installs of python.

Interesting question. The problem is then how to deal with a user/admin
wanting to use a specific version of a single module and puts it in

> --- 2.2.1 Support Only The Default Version, questions and typo on last
> paragraph

> I think "Build-Depends: python-dev (>= X.Y)" should be Build-Depends:
> python-dev (>=X.Y), python-dev (<<X.Y+1)", or doesn't Build-Depends
> support that. In any case, >=X.Y is not sufficient to nail it down.

I happen not to agree for the build-depends. Having them set at
python-dev (>=X.Y) allows for lazy rebuilding at the next python
transition. The >= X.Y is here mostly for the autobuilders, as in fact
the package could build with earlier python versions if it uses

> --- 2.2.3 Support All/Most Versions (Including Default), regarding 2.
> Part 2. still includes the unsupported stuff about using
> /usr/lib/python/site-packages. There was some discussion about using
> /usr/lib/site-python for this instead... should this be updated?

The two cases are different: /usr/lib/site-python is meant for the
default python version, while /usr/lib/python/site-packages was meant
for all python versions at a time. But maybe this should be completely
removed or commented out as it is not likely to be supported in the near

> --- 3.1 Version Independent Programs, comments

> The last para about "private modules" should also apply against anything
> that goes in /usr/lib/site-python and is only true because currently
> there is no mechanism to re-compile version independent packages when
> python (X.Y) upgrades. The moment python (X.Y) (and perhaps pythonX.Y)
> is capable of identifying dependent packages and re-compiling them, then
> there is nothing stopping dependencies like "python (>=2.0), python
> (<<2.4)". 

Well, do you think the wording makes it unclear it is also true for
stuff in /usr/lib/site-python?

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