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Re: #!/usr/bin/python2.3 vs #!/usr/bin/env python2.3

John Goerzen writes:
> Hello,
> Many Python programs use constructs like #!/usr/bin/env python2.3 to load
> themselves.  Many others use #!/usr/bin/python2.3.  On most Debian systems,
> these are the same.
> The submitter in #189473 claims that #!/usr/bin/env python2.3 is wrong
> because he has his own python2.3 on the path prior to the system's, and it
> doesn't necessarily have requisite libraries for the programs being run.
> Any opinions?

I think you should use the /usr/bin prefix to enforce the dependencies
that your package has. After the temp. install in debian/* I use:

        : # Replace all '#!' calls to python with $(PY_INTERPRETER)
        : # and make them executable
        for i in `find debian/foo -type f`; do \
          sed '1s,#!.*python[^ ]*\(.*\),#! $(PY_INTERPRETER)\1,' \
                $$i > $$i.temp; \
          if cmp --quiet $$i $$i.temp; then \
            rm -f $$i.temp; \
          else \
            mv -f $$i.temp $$i; \
            chmod 755 $$i; \
            echo "fixed interpreter: $$i"; \
          fi; \

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