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pygtk transition 1.2 -> 2


It seems to be transition time for python packages ;-)

For the moment the default python bindings for gtk/gnome are 1.2
version. It means that an "import gtk" in a .py will load gtk1.2.

It's time to switch gtk/gnome 2 as the default bindings. 
So all pygtk/gnome 1.2 programs have to use these two lines before
loading a gtk/gnome part:

import pygtk

I've mailed almost all the maintainers (sorry if I've forgotten some of
them) who have packages depending on python-gtk/gnome about this for
some months. The goal is to have packages which work with pygtk.pth set
to gtk-2.0 before the transition.

I've mailed against in july to re-explain the situation, and patchs (that
should work) were attached to the mails.

Some maintainers have made the changes, but a large number of them
didn't response to the mails for the moment. 

I'll fill bug against the packages which don't have any fix for the
transition during the next week, and upload python-gtk2 and
python-gnome2 as default version before the end of the month.

If some of maintainers need NMU, you can ask here.


Sebastien Bacher

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