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Experimental Python 2.1 packages, release plans

I have uploaded experimental Python 2.1 packages. Grab them at


The packages are completely untested. I had to re-implement the building of
the shared library (just finished), the remainder of the packages is mostly

In a few hours, I will leave to Illinois for two weeks.

Thomas Wouters currently is preparing the Python 2.1.1 maintenance release,
which will be the first GPL compliant release of Python 2.x (provided
nothing desastrous happens). At the same time, Moshe Zadka is working on a
2.0.1 release, which will also be GPL compatible. Quoting Thomas: "Another
couple of weeks at least, before a release candidate. It also depends on
Moshe; if he actually releases 2.0.1 anytime soon, I'll hold off on 2.1.1 a
bit longer."

A few days ago, I quoted from ajt's release schedule.

Now if either Python 2.0.1 or 2.1.1 would be out before July 1, I would like
to try and make a hard migration:

Python 1.5.2 would be re-packaged as python1.5, and the then-GPL-compliant
would be packaged under the name python. As a consequence, nearly all Python
packages would have to be re-packaged. The goal should be to provide a
smooth migration from potato to woody.

This would involve a quite work-intensive period for the maintainers, but
IMHO for the user it would be the best solution.

I wouldn't like to start this migration, though, before Python 2.x is really
GPL compliant. I don't like to release python-* packages with woody which
are encumbered by license problems. I.e. I don't want to release woody with
2.0 or 2.1 as python-*, and I would prefer to release woody with python
2.0.1 and python1.5 1.5.2 over releasing woody with python2 2.1 and
python 1.5.2.

Now the problems start if neither 2.0.1 nor 2.1.1 would be ready in time. If
it's obious early that the won't be ready in time, we could start to migrate
the python2 packages to Python 2.1.

Anyway, while I'm away, perhaps someone could start to audit the packages
that depend on Python, and file bugs for all packages that don't have a
correct, explicit versioned dependency on python-base like

  Depends: python-base (>= 1.5), python-base (<< 1.6)


  Depends: python2-base (>= 2.0), python2-base (<< 2.1)



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