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Bug#1034467: debian-faq: difficulties understanding the concept of stable-updates from the docs

Package: debian-history
Version: 11.1
Severity: normal

Hi kalle,

Thanks for your interest & reporting this issue!

On Sat, Apr 15, 2023 at 04:10:43PM +0200, kalle wrote:
> hello,
> Consulting (today) the Debian FAQ and the wiki i find it confusing and
> time-consuming to grasp, how packages are updated in the stable
> release.
> From the FAQ I understand that:
> -2.1:"it changes if major security or usability fixes are incorporated"
> -2.2:"only get security updates"
> From the Wiki, Article "DebianSoftware", section "Updates to […]" I
> take, that the tracking of "buster-updates" brings the latest versions
> or backports for the important parts. 
> Buster-updates is recommended too in the article "DebianBullseye",
> section FAQ.
> At least 2.1 and 2.2 contradict. The term "usability fixes" in 2.1.
> then could be explained a bit more, like it is done in the wiki article
> "DebianSoftware".

I'm filing this as a bug in the debian-faq package, so that it won't get lost.
Indeed it's not completely obvious to everybody which entries to use in
sources.list under which circumstances; I've heard more people asking about
this.  However, I don't know all details myself either, and unfortunately don't
have the time to do this research now.  Do you maybe have the time to come up
with a suggested text to put in e.g. the FAQ?

Thanks anyway!



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