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Re: Bits from the Technical Committee


On 7/10/22 21:54, Paul Wise wrote:
On Sun, 2022-07-10 at 18:49 +0300, Niko Tyni wrote:

We recently realized that we have stopped sending announcements of TC
decisions to the debian-devel-announce mailing list a few years ago.
We are currently contemplating whether we should re-adopt this practice,
or some variant of it. We'd welcome input from developers on this matter.
Personally I think it feels reasonable that each individual decision be
announced via a mail to d-d-a and I had expected that they would be.

If you don't feel each decision deserves a mail, then I think there
should at least be a summary of decisions in a shorter time period than
the yearly bits mail. Either a more regular bits mail or via DevNews:


On 7/11/22 05:25, Christoph Berg wrote:
DevNews seems like a good place to post the "low profile" decisions. > > I
still don't think we should post things like rename.ul do d-d-a - > it's not of general interest to the project, and d-d-a would just > further emphasize the implicit "we had to override the maintainer > since they apparently did a bad job" part, which seems > disproportional. >

I agree with Paul's along with Christoph's comments, and wish to add that the TCommittee can send news and bits to the publicity team. We are always hungry for news to post about the community and we are often overlooked. :(

Our submission guidelines are very simple. Send us an email[1] or join us in our IRC channel[2] on OFTC.

We are able to publish news and items of interest across the Debian website and across social media, additionally our team is able as translate the news item(s) across multiple languages.

Please bear us in mind as a resource.




Be well,


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