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Re: What made Debian so successful? Request for information for an article

Hi Andy

On 2022/06/24 21:33, Andy Oram wrote:
I'm writing a series for Linux Professional Institute on GNU/Linux distributions: specifically, why the most popular ones have succeeded. I hope to start with Debian because it's wildly popular and totally community-based.

If there has been discussion or articles elsewhere on this topic, please point me to these resources. Of course, I've read Gabriella Coleman's "Coding Freedom." She starts her narrative in the late 1990s, but I want to go back to the early years--and I'd love to hear from people who have either first-hand or second-hand information about the community and its decisions back then.

Some ideas I'm starting with:

* Debian was the first important distribution built by the community except for Slackware, which (as its name suggests) was not disciplined.

* Debian quickly adopted the idea of packaging, an important differentiator.

* Debian adapted well to growth with a robust onboarding process.

* Conferences held around the world help set direction. (I attended and spoke at Debconf 2010.)

The publicity list seemed to be the best place for me to post this message. I hope I can reach the appropriate people here.

Not sure what kind of deadlines you're looking at, but if you have a bit of patience with me, then I'd be happy to answer some questions.

-Jonathan, Debian Project Leader

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