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Re: Debian and GitLab Open Source Partnership


I'm wondering: what is the status of the gitlab partnership discussed
last year?

I saw that Debian is listed on Gitlab's partner page at [1], and reached
out to inquire about resources for the cloud team.  Unfortunately, they
weren't able to find any details regarding the partnership.

So I'm just trying to track down:
1) whether or not anything happened here
2) if Gitlab's listing is a mistake


[1] - https://about.gitlab.com/solutions/open-source/partners/

On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 05:29:50AM -0400, Donald Norwood wrote:
> Dear all,
> Debian and GitLab have been in discussion regarding an Open Source
> Partnership toward which we will jointly produce mutual promotions,
> shared stories, and announcements using both organizations press and/or
> publicity channels.
> There are several segments for this upcoming and future endeavor which
> include a few requests from them on: How Debian uses GitLab for a case
> study, some highlighting and promotion from us regarding their upcoming
> GitLab Commit 2021 Conference, mutual support with media (peertube for
> example), and a hand in hand expansion of both our press/publicity
> networks to promote each others work where applicable.
> One of the first items we are sharing is that GitLab has committed to a
> Silver level sponsorship for #DebConf21, and Debian will be listed as an
> Open Source Partner at their upcoming conference: GitLab Commit 2021.
> More info and registration (free of cost) at
> https://gitlabcommitvirtual2021.com
> With the sponsorship arrangement we are able to have a virtual booth at
> the GitLab Commit Conference (#GitLabCommit) which runs from 4:00AM PDT,
> August 3rd, 2021 through 11:59PM PDT, August 4th, 2021.
>     With many apologies for the short notice, we ask any Debian
> Developers and Contributors who have available time if they would be
> willing to assist in getting our booth up and running. The easiest and
> quickest setup for us would be to select a series of slides that can
> play on their main video player and a call button that will link to our
> very own website. There are certain hours during August 3rd and 4th
> where attendees are encouraged to visit the virtual booths so there's
> possibility to schedule live sessions or chat too.
> Interested people please contact us in #debian-publicity or
> debian-publicity@lists.debian.org for more details.
> Be Well,
> -Donald
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