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Re: Survey proposal about the usage of money in Debian


I have received some private feedback that a few questions were heavily
biased towards technical roles. That bias is certainly real as this is where
I come from and the kind of work that I'd like to fund with Freexian is
mostly technical.

That said the survey would certainly be more useful to Debian if we could
expand it to cover a few non-technical areas.

I left below the 2-3 questions that would benefit from being expanded. I
put in copy a few teams that are currently not listed and that might be
able to suggest new possible use of money in the context of their team.

For the full context, please read
https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2022/01/msg00024.html. We welcome
your suggestions, either by reply to the mailing list or by MR against

> Select the teams to which you regularly contribute:
> * Release team
> * FTPmasters (archive team)
> * System Admistrators ("DSA")
> * Security team
> * Long Term Support team
> * Quality Assurance ("QA")
> * Debian Installer
> * Debian CD images
> * One (or more) packaging teams
> For each possible use of Debian's money quoted below, please indicate if
> such a use is a "good idea", "good idea in some specific cases", "bad
> idea" or if it's "totally unacceptable". Select "uncertain" if you can't
> make up your mind.
> * Paying for package maintenance (handling bugs, new upstream release,
>   improving packaging, etc.)
> * Paying for the initial packaging of software new to Debian.
> * Paying for development of new features/improvements for
>   Debian-specific infrastructure (e.g. bugs.debian.org,
>   tracker.debian.org, dak, etc.)
> * Paying development of new features/improvements to Debian specific
>   software (e.g. dpkg, apt, debhelper, lintian, etc.)
> * Paying development of new tools to experiment new workflows or new
>   services
> * Paying technical writers to improve the documentation for new
>   contributors
> * Use Debian funds to help the Debian Project Leader (DPL) role in some
>   way
> * Pay Debian contributors to complete large scale changes in a
>   reasonable time frame
> * Pay specialist porters to support release architectures at risk of
>   being dropped from Debian releases due to lack of porters.
> For each role listed below, please answer the following question: Should
> this Debian role include a stipend or otherwise be funded to allow more
> time to fulfill the obligations of the role? (yes/no/unsure/no opinion)
> * Debian Project Leader (DPL)
> * Debian Release Manager
>     * In general
>     * During the freeze
> * Member of the archive team ("ftpmasters")
>     * In general
>     * Those who process NEW and RM
> * Member of the Security team
> * Member of the LTS team
> * Member of the Technical Committee
Raphaël Hertzog

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