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Re: Thoughts about information policy

I am just a common user
I recommend package-update-indicator
preferences: check every hour and execute synaptic-pkexec

On 11/16/21 10:06 AM, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
Hi Joost!

Thank you for the great recommendation--I confess I didn't know about
the debian-security-support package!  It seems like this might be the
one I recommend from now on, because it doesn't require an MTA and
learning how to access local mail, and because I now wonder if
debsecan's output is a bit "too much" for casual use.  Also, it would be
nice if it hooked into system upgrades like needrestart does; I worry
that having to manually run it might be like having to manually run
backups, ie: it seems like most people end up not bothering to

Hope this email finds you well,

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