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Re: Thoughts about information policy

>>>>> "Paweł" == Paweł Starzyński <pawel.starzynski@tutanota.com> writes:

    Paweł> Security-announce mailing list would have more sense to me if
    Paweł> it contained warnings about not using certain package at all-
    Paweł> warning on chromium wiki site is certainly insufficient. Then
    Paweł> it should be highly recommended to subscribe to such a list
    Paweł> immediately after install.

I'm not part of the Debian security team, but I am a Debian developer.
I want to see if I'm understanding your desire correctly.

You would like to have an easy way to find out about cases where apt
update&&apt upgrade is insufficient to fix security vulnerabilities.
You don't want to subscribe to debian-security-announce because it has
too much traffic and in most cases  apt update&&apt upgrade will be

Have I correctly understood your desire?

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