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Suggestion for DPN: news from screenshots.debian.net

Hello world,

I'd like to suggest something for the next DPN.

I'm in charge of the https://screenshots.debian.net site that has been collecting screenshots for 10-15 years now. You probably know that it serves the thumbnails for packages.debian.net and is also used by a couple of software/package managers. For several years I just kept the site running and (with the help of pabs) moderated incoming screenshots. At some point during this pandemic I felt motivated to start working on the web application again and gave it a major overhaul. The better usability already lead to an increase in contributed screenshots from the community.

However pabs also suggested that we should make the site more open to anyone in the Debian project. So finally on the login page there is a large "Login via Salsa" button that allows anyone with an account on Salsa to login with moderator privileges. Which allows to…

- upload new screenshots directly (no moderation)

- hide any screenshot (that they find inappropriate)

- approve (moderate) screenshots that have been uploaded anonymously

The source code of the web application is also kept on Salsa (https://salsa.debian.org/debian/debshots) for fellow Debianistas. There is also a list of (currently 77) open issues with feature requests and improvement suggestions. So suggestions are always welcome.

And if you like numbers: today we have 11,396 screenshots online. :)

Let me know if you have any questions. And please bear with me that I'm not subscribed to this list. Could you CC me if required?


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