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Fw: was it conforming with Debian policies to backport the problem to stable ?

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Finally I can tell something to the Debian community about the psychology of

the me-too movement:

The idea there is obviously, that an invented, hypothetical claim of

harassment or even rape is good enough to run a valuable, valid and credible

simulation of such incidents and their consequences, lasting for years or

over one decade if need be.

You usually are not even telling this to the one, whose victim you wannabe,

but even if you accuse him openly, in written form as in my case, and if he

refutes the claim, as I did, because of your proficiently perfect

social-networking, your claim will still be more credible and more

believable and thus will have more weight for your lots of good

network-marketing friends than the refute.

If you are only accusing somebody of sexual assault, for example by

telling something alike to your boss, to your employer without informing the

one who allegedly did something, he has no way of even knowing about it,

and thus he would have no chance of refuting the accusations.
So in a way you want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, because you found

some rumours about the person on the internet, you are calculating, it might

be credible if you also accuse that guy, he might also have done something

to you, since you happened to meet him personally, or at least

theoretically you could have met him personally in private, and since he

does not know about it, it would be safe to add one more such rumour from your

side, and to run the desired social simulation. 

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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2021 14:03:20 +0100
From: andrew glaeser <bugs@irregulaire.info>
To: leader@debian.org
Subject: Fw: was it conforming with Debian policies to backport the problem
to stable ?

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Hello there, since Nussbaum did not reply to me, 

I want to complain about New-Member Process 2013: This was a complete farce,

my appeal was rejected unchecked, by Palfrader, since I was a non-uploader.

Nussbaum welcomed me personally to the NM-process, and there were some freely

invented claims of harassment against me, so one could be sure, NO membership

is granted initially, and not even the small favour of the debian-

E-mail-address is granted to give some weight to my bugs-reporting.

This was eight years ago nearly, Palfraders FB-friends were granted accounts

for hacking up something, that is the feasible explanation, why so many

worsened packages were delivered in recent years. So Palfrader should most

probably be thrown out, because he allegedly suffers from social corruption.

And Nussbaum should not be permitted to become DPL again, he did not work for

me in 2013, and still he is not replying to me: if I were allowed to vote, I

would vote for anybody except Nussbaum, for me personally no such thing as

franco-german friendship exists.

What are EUR 450 in Germany, if you have to live on welfare continuously for

more than eight years? That is the sum of money for one month's rent, or the

amount you need for your other living-expenses for one month.

> > DPL term 2020-2021 (JonathanCarter):
> > 
> > DPL term 2019-2020 (?SamHartman): Apr 2019, May 2019, Jun 2019, Jul 2019,
> > Aug 2019, Oct 2019, Nov 2019, Dec 2019
> > 
> > DPL term 2018-2019 (ChrisLamb): Apr 2018, May 2018, Jun 2018, Jul 2018,
> > Aug 2018, Sep 2018, Oct 2018, Nov 2018, Dec 2018, Jan 2019, Feb 2019, Mar
> > 2019
> > 
> > DPL term 2017-2018 (ChrisLamb): May 2017, Jun 2017, Jul 2017, Aug 2017,
> > Sep 2017, Oct 2017, Nov 2017, Dec 2017, Jan 2018, Feb 2018, Mar 2018
> > 
> > DPL term 2016-2017 (MehdiDogguy): March-April 2017 January-February 2017,
> > 2016 Q4, June 2016, April-May 2016
> > 
> > DPL term 2015-2016 (NeilMcGovern): April July May
> > 
> > DPL term 2013-2014 (LucasNussbaum): September August July June May April

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 19:11:10 +0100
From: andrew glaeser <bugs@irregulaire.info>
To: Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org>
Subject: Fw: was it conforming with Debian policies to backport the problem
to stable ?

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Dear Lucas, since you were the DPL 2013, when I attended DebConf in

Switzerland, is it normal, that the new-member process takes 10 years, and

before that period is over, people are getting nothing except the technically

speaking worthless free software? I did not ask you personally for your kind

approval, since I knew already the power of the DPL is limited, you had the

top paid job at the time and I had none, and now it has been nearly for full

10 years without any paid work, since I am not allowed to do any in Germany,

the question needs to be settled in front of the social law-court.

I lacked the planning-safety at the time to ask for sponsored, assisted

attendance beforehand, and afterwards it gave actually a sense of wonder to me

that the Debian e-mail address was not even necessary for my participation.  
In contradiction to that my bug-reports were usually ignored, I had sort of a

subscription to the wontfix tag. So that I even regretted in a way, I had even

asked in the first place and went to Vaumarcus at my own expense, or on the

expense of my parents to be precise. It was no nice journey either, so that I

could possibly say something about a beautiful vacation in a nice

environment or anything, so in effect really a working-trip at my own

expense with no reward at all, and even rather the opposite, a bunch of

artificially worsened packages were delivered to me in recent years.  

And this is probably the social component in Debian, that non-uploaders won't

get in, and are in fact discriminated against wherever possible, right?
Or is this possibly because I lack the normal sense of sensibility to choose

the much more beautifully polished commercial Ubuntu Distribution for the

desktop instead? 

They also have Corona in south-africa, you know what I mean?

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 09:45:33 +0200
From: andrew glaeser <bugs@irregulaire.info>
To: control@bugs.debian.org
Subject: was it conforming with Debian policies to backport the problem to
stable ?

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tag 971076 buster
tag 971076 bullseye

I do wonder in fact, why bugs are frequently getting backported from testing

to stable ( I guess it might frequently, since I found something like this

twice). This is not really complying with Debian policies, or is there not

enough testing, or are there too many bugs known and even placed

deliberately, you know, but we do it silently, no need to produce any special

publicity about this?

And in order to tell you something about my new-member process ( from 2013)

may be your NO!! decision was 100% correct technically speaking, since I did

not need the debian- e-mail-account desperately enough to ask the DPL, and I

did have some private sponsoring from relatives.

But was it also correct emotionally? What I mean is that this NO!! really is

the reason, why people quit their jobs, and do not insist to stay, and

particularly with no personal appreciation at all from the chief of the IT


SO: Well, may be, but do you really want to sue Debian, so that you get a paid

job from them finally? Not possible, and over the term of 10 years it is

still a mostly good operating-system nearly for free.

EUR 450,- for travel, accommodation and for attending DebConf13, is EUR 45

per year for an almost excellent super-cheap open-source operating system in

comparison to Windows-Server, no matter from what year.

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