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Re: guidelines for Debian presences on social networks?

On 17/06/2019 08:28, Bagas Sanjaya wrote:
>> Make it clear that the presence is unofficial.
> I disagree. As I stated in previous thread about Instagram presence, it
> is better to have official presence on social
> networks than unofficial ones run by Debian "fandom". For case in
> Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they have "blue tick"
> verification which can be requested if needed so. In Facebook case, the
> presence is categorized as "Software", not
> "Community" (catch-all) category.
>>   * Hand it off to someone else if you stop maintaining it.
>>   * Give the publicity team backup access (passwords etc) so they can
>>     handle passing it on to someone else if you are not able to.
> It would be not a problem if a specialize team is maintaining the
> presence instead. A person create polished content
> which can be passed to another person (that run the presence) to be posted.

Perhaps in terms of an official presence on the fediverse, it would be
possible to set up an account that just pulls in all from the blog
posts.  Would mean that if I am say following debian.isurf.ca (which is
an example, I am on social.isurf.ca) then I can re-share official content.

You also raise a good point with regard to official pretense having a
tick on Facebook, perhaps the fediverse needs something like this too.

If I add a post to my own blog, this is picked up by friendi.ca as I am
following via rss,  this also means there is a link back to the original


Paul Sutton
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