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Re: Phoronix on Debian AH team

>>>>> "Laura" == Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> writes:

    Laura> Following is my personal opinion.

    Laura> We in Debian (not only the publicity team, also most of the
    Laura> people/teams writing to -devel-announce) try to choose the
    Laura> wording of the announcements, blog posts, micronews, mails,
    Laura> etc., knowing that they will have an impact. Sometimes, even
    Laura> with well thought wording, some media will get, amplify or
    Laura> distort the part they consider will bring them more clicks or
    Laura> whatever.

Sure absolutely.
I'd say emphasize rather than distort.

But In most organizations I've been in, it's been valuable to build
connections so that when the media's interest aligns with the
organization's interest you have contacts who can get a story out.
Where you can make Debian seem interesting etc.

I don't ever think we can convince media not  to emphasize parts that
will get their users to pay attention to the story.
I do think we can potentially build connections so that there are
interesting comments from key people in Debian in the stories as well.
There are things that I wouldn't write in a d-d-a post that I would say
in an interview.
In this instance, I would have loved to get a comment in about how it's
an exciting time to be in Debian as we work to respect our diverse
community while maintaining the free and open spirit that has led to our
success so far.
Would Phoronix print that?
Don't know.
Some outlets would.

I totally understand your plate is full.
It sounds like that there isn't any real harm in reaching out, but that
it's not your priority.

Probably it's not my priority now either.  I'd like it to be but when I
look at my list honestly it probably comes after debconf.
If I have a few minutes before and you don't object I'll drop a mail.

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