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Wiki and presentation


I set up a wiki ( https://wiki.debian.org/ ) account sometime ago then
carried on working on the Promotional Presentation,  this is now
complete thanks to help from here, the users list and from Francisco M Neto.

As this is stored on salsa.debian,org I would like to put a link to this
on the wiki (which was one of the reasons I signed up to the Wiki.) 
However I am unsure where to put this.

Francisco plans to translate in to Portuguese.

I just wondered therefore where should I put a link?.  If I include a
link on the wiki then the document can easily be kept updated. Once
Buster is released there may be different versions of packages such as
the kernel etc during the 10.x life cycle.  Hopefully the document can
keep pace with this.

Thanks for any help.



Paul Sutton
gnupg : 7D6D B682 F351 8D08 1893  1E16 F086 5537 D066 302D

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