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Debian Presentation


I have been working on a presentation to promote or help promote Debian
10 (and beyond hopefully).  Some help has been given from
#debian-publicity on irc (OFTC) and other help has been given from the
Debian-users mailing list.  Something I am very grateful and thank ful
for.  I decided to post here, as I feel this project is mature enough
for that.


I am trying to keep the whole thing simple so it can be aimed at people
who may not know what Debian is.  I asked on Debian-users about what
alternatives to synaptic (which is not in Buster) and the list given
could make a whole presentation. (something to consider perhaps)

As a LXDE user. I am also trying to take the view that as the Default DE
is Gnome then that should be what the presentation reflects.  Again this
can easily be changed within the presentation.

I have tried to strike a balance between providing technical
information,  and not baffling the audience, but make it technical
enough to be informative.   The package management section can be easily
added to, or modified to reflect the speakers personal or technical
preferences.   I have also tried to explain about the Debian project and
free software.

Again a short list of what software is included, is intended to reduce
information overload and also if you're presenting this to an audience
of web developers , the list can just be modified to suit that need.

Hope this is helpful and useful


Paul Sutton


Paul Sutton
gnupg : 7D6D B682 F351 8D08 1893  1E16 F086 5537 D066 302D

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