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Re: article about DebConf19 registration open


On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 01:49:45AM +0100, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Dear all
> Please review the article that we plan to publish on Sunday or Monday
> about DebConf registration open:
> https://bits.debian.org/drafts/debconf19-open-registration-bursary.html

I didn't copy read, so this  isn't about possible typographical errors or
spelling mistakes.  (I'm not the best for that kind of review.) But, I did
read it through a few times.

It looks mostly good to me, but I would recommend a bit more claritly around
the deadlines.  For example, the last sentence in the third paragraph states
that "[t]he last day for confirmation or cancellation is June 14th, 2019."
But, the first sentence of the 5th paragraph below that says:

"Attention:  the registration for DebConf19 will be open until the day of the

which leads me to wonder what my status is if I register between the last
day for confirmation/cancellation (14 June) and the day of the Conference
(21 June).  I can register but I'm too late to confirm, so am I in some sort
of wait-list state limbo?

Also, I would make the deadlines more precise such as June 14 23:59:59 UTC
ou April 15th 23:59:59 UTC, or whatever time is convenient for the people
that have to flip wafer switches and change tasks at the deadlines given.

But, overall the article looks well done and clear.


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