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Proposal: publicity team meeting: next Thursday 2018/02/15 21:00UTC

Hi all:
I'll try to create a wiki page and a dudle/framadate ASAP, but for now, I throw this proposal to the list so people can start thinking dates/times/topics-for-agenda.

I would like that we join in an IRC meetings to discuss publicity staff. 

Proposal is next Thursday 15 February 2018 at 21:00 UTC in #debian-publicity

If you want to attend but can't, please propose alternative day+time.

Some agenda topics that come to mind:

* general status of volunteers. Enlarging the team (or get occasional contributors to stay longer). Candidates to get more involved (help with or learn about press/delegation tasks)

* relaunching the DPN. Let's publish one issue soon!

* moving the repos to salsa (alioth EOL is end of May). 

* some topics that may need an announcement or bits.d.o article: alioth/salsa/lists/other-alioth-stuff?, spectre-meltdown? DPL elections?

* who goes to debconf? Shall we submit a talk/bof/event? are we planning some "creative" coverage there?

* anything else we want to talk

Laura Arjona Reina
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