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Re: Blogpost welcoming Outreachy interns, and GSoC preparation

Hello again

El 22/01/18 a las 21:45, Joost van Baal-Ilić escribió:
> Or just move the paragraph about "we're looking for mentors" a bit
> more to the
> top of the post.  I agree with Daniel and feel the most important bit might
> get overlooked as it currently stands.

Thanks for the suggestions.
With the text that Daniel proposed (in the debian-outreachy mailing
list), and some editions of mine, I've created a draft for a post about
GSoC application (and mentors/co-mentors needed):


it still need work (I'll add links, image...) which I'll commit in the
next minutes, but feel free to chime in with improvements in the wording.

The outreachy blogpost will be published later, but I'll integrate the
suggestions about that one, too. No work is wasted.

Thanks all!

Laura Arjona Reina

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